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Philadelphia-born, New York-Bred, Los Angeles-Based composer Robert ToTeras has his fingers in almost every corner of music and media business.

Robert has written music for over 50 promos and commercials and songs for feature films. As a composer for TV, Robert has worked with some of televisions biggest producers in the business, including Dick Wolf (Law & Order) and Marti Noxon (Gray’s Anatomy, Mad Men).In a previous life outside of Hollywood, Robert ToTeras spent two years as professional blackjack gambler and member of a card-counting team in Las Vegas. He has been politely escorted (by well-dressed security teams with earpieces) out of numerous and well-known gaming establishments. The story of his team’s exploits has been recently chronicled in Josh Axelrad’s Penguin Press biography ‘Repeat Until Rich.’

Robert ToTeras

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